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Trusted Property Management in Maryland

Lennox Lloyd provides clients with dependable and honest property management in Baltimore, MD. Our team comprises trusted real estate professionals who’ve assumed various roles within the industry throughout the years. Our wide range of experience allows us to see the real estate industry from many perspectives. Contact us today to learn more.

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Property Rent Establishment

We determine a favorable rent price according to comprehensive housing market analytics and data, ensuring you receive the most value and best price for your property.

Property Marketing

Our team gets the word out about your property so you can fill it with tenants. Our strategic housing market efforts emphasize the main selling points of your property and make it appealing to potential tenants.

Lease Applications

We’ll assist potential tenants by helping them fill out the necessary forms and details for their lease applications. Our system enables you to determine the most qualified candidate for property residency.

Tenant Approvals

Years of experience in background checks and potential tenant assessment make us the best choice for helping you choose the right tenant. We’ll get your new tenant approved and move the process forward.


Our team performs pre-inspections, determining potential issues with your property before the tenant moves in, which can protect you from legal trouble and a tarnished reputation.

Rent Collection

We’re steady and reliable collectors and processors of your rent. We’ll ensure your tenants pay the correct rent on time every month. We also provide filing for nonpayment of rent and tenant residency termination services.

Repair Coordination

You can trust us to coordinate property repairs and ensure they are completed on schedule and within your budget. We communicate with repair professionals from start to finish.

Monthly Statements

We provide you with rent and billing statements detailing your monthly expenses. Our statement reporting is precise and completely accurate.

Contact Us Today

Our team will ensure that every aspect of managing your property is fulfilled with the highest degree of excellence. Contact us today to learn more.

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